fuga commits to the inter-regional and intercontinental exchange of films, filmographies, and creative thinking, encompassing research, programming, and diffusion, while fostering encounters, strategies, and dreams. fuga seeks films as a passion, an exercise in dissidence, and material for speculation.

fuga is based in Recife, Brazil. its basic maintenance has been carried out independently, with no regular material support. it is central for fuga to dream up and experiment with means of intervention based on radical senses of community and solidarity, towards mutually sustainable and meaningful economic and symbolic bondings. we look ahead to engage and inspire the individual and institutional agents around.

fuga assumes that the global south is a locus where experimental proposals can and should arise out of concrete relationships between community, artistic practices, and circuits of experience, exchange, education, and creation, driven by fostering vibrant and bold creative landscapes that shall be meaningful on the scale of both individual and collective lives.

if you feel involved or touched, and wish to be part in some way, fuga kindly welcomes your donation, which will make all the difference in making the present and the future within reach. your contribution will be joyfully acknowledged.

fuga's activities began in 2020 with the online presentation of four film collections, which can be recovered through the menu Collections.

in 2021 it presented, in a dedicated web environment, the exhibition CUIR — FILME E EXPERIMENTO — AMÉRICA LATINA, produced by Ana Carolina Antunes.

in 2024, the publication CUIR — FILME E EXPERIMENTO — AMÉRICA LATINA — Correspondências will be released (in Portuguese), with free distribution of printed copies and a digital version.

partnering with Lorenna Rocha's platform camarescura, the Cinema Incrível Remix film club will be held in Recife, Brazil.

the cover images of this website were handled over by the artists João Marcos de Almeida, Dolores Orange, Clara Simas, and Shima.

fuga and this website are coordinated, designed and curated by Luís Fernando Moura.


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